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Apes of Uganda

Exhibition @ Uganda Museum

24th Feb to 30th Aug 2023

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The Uganda Museums


"To Impact Knowledge of cultural and natural heritage to the present and future generations for their enjoyment"

The Department is mandated to Protect, Promote and Present the cultural and natural Heritage of Uganda through Collection, Conservation, study and information dissemination for enjoyment and education. 

Functions of the Department

  • Research about natural and cultural heritage

  • Conservation, and maintenance of important physical cultural Resources or Heritage Collections.

  • Provision of professional knowledge and information regarding the archaeology and palaeontology of Uganda

  • Publication of research findings in appropriate publications

  • Exhibition and  interpretation of specimens for public study and enjoyment

  • Monitoring implementation policies and strategies of historical and cultural heritage conservation and development.

  • Development of strategies for community participation in cultural heritage.

  • Promote public awareness about cultural and natural heritage through formal and informal education.

  • Provide technical guidelines to the private investors.

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International Museums Day

18th May 2023 GULU


Apes of Uganda

Apes are the closest living relatives of humans. The first known apes from the fossil record also occur in Uganda.


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