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Research Publications

The Uganda Museum conducts comprehensive research on archaeology, palaeontology anthropology and ethnography for the purpose of publication, academia and interpretation of cultural heritage.

Findings of the research are published on different platforms like exhibitions, conferences, Azania, the Geopal Uganda Journal and the Uganda Society Journal. The Museum also carries out collaborative research with local and international universities as well as related organizations. The literature generated on different aspects of museums, sites and monuments of Uganda provides the public with up-to-date information

A Tapestry of Human-Induced and Climate-Driven Environmental Change in Western Uganda: The Ndali Crater Lakes Region


Recent archaeological and paleoenvironmental research in the Ndali Crater Lakes Region (NCLR) of western Uganda provide important new insights into anthropogenic impacts on moist forests to the East of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Geo-pal Publications

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