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Strategic Plan for Museums and Monuments


UGANDA’s Vision 2040 is conceptualized around strengthening the fundamentals of the economy to harness the abundant opportunities around the country among which is a huge potential for tourism. The current third National Development Plan (NDP III 2020- 2025) under paragraph 202, alludes to the big potential for Uganda in tourism compared to its comparators, notably in the areas of safaris, culture and the endowment of a rich cultural and natural heritage (with strong tangible and intangible values). 

Monuments act 2023

The Museums and Monuments Act, 2023

museum act.png

An Act to consolidate and reform the law relating to cultural and natural heritage; to strengthen the administrative structures from the effective management of cultural and natural heritage; to provide for the classification of museums; 

Fort Luba - Thruston Historical Site


Luba - Thruston Fort is an important historical site near Lake Victoria that offers visitors an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the rich histories of the site that inform the identity of the people of Bukaleba, Busoga, and Uganda.

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