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Education Service

The Museum Education Service works with teachers and all learners providing a dynamic line-up of activities and space for learning. Historical, artistic and cultural objects are presented to school children and students in a form that relates to the national school curriculum.

A school group may have a conducted tour of the entire museum or of a particular gallery.  
Alternatively, a group can opt for only an introductory talk and an unguided tour. Schools can also make arrangements for specialized topics in detail and have a demonstration in which museum objects can be handled. Demonstrations for a musical recital and interaction with traditional instruments of Uganda are also provided.

School children and their teachers will be taught how to undertake fieldwork, including the reporting of archaeological site discoveries and finds, as well as the collection of traditional objects to the museum education officer at the address below.

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The Museum Education Service supports schools by taking the museum experience to schools and communities that cannot easily access the Museum. Educational objects from the museum collections for educational purposes may be loaned.

Students are also presented with the opportunity to interact directly with curators and educators from the museum.

The Museum is currently revising loan kits and a handbook that will guide children and teachers to interact with the museum.


Umuseum is the Uganda Museum App that presents learners together with their teachers to access the museum on a virtual platform.


The main aim of the curators table is to bring communities closer to museum collections and encourage in-depth interaction with objects which cannot happen with the displays behind the traditional glass showcases. Some with the “don’t touch” labels. The curators table will provide a platform for dialogue between the museum and the community.

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The teacher to teacher mentorship program is to promote collaboration between schools and the museum. The program provides teachers and the museum education officers with an opportunity to interact and work together to integrate museum content into the school curriculum. The teachers explore ideas on how to creatively use museum resources in their classrooms and to help learners connect with the museum objects. Another component of this program is guide teachers on how to plan museum visits for their learners.


Coming soon…


Message to the teachers

You and your pupils are welcome to visit the museum whenever it is open and to look around as you wish.

If you require a conducted tour, a demonstration or a music recital, please telephone or write to the address below at least a week in advance, giving the following details:

Name of the school, the number and class of pupils, the day and date of the proposed visit, the intended time of arrival and departure and the kind of instructions desired

Please do your utmost to arrive at the time of appointment, or you may find the staff already engaged with other groups

Washing and toilet facilities are available and the museum would like the visitors to be orderly and cautious. Drinking water and soft drinks can be purchased from the museum shop

Contact Education officer +256200780500


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